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Dec. 9th, 2009 @ 11:38 pm Day Two of Healing
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Day Two ov Healing- December 4th 2009

I woke up from another night of on-again-off-again sleep to find a distinct wet feeling on my arm that was closest to my right ear- I thought I had drooled in my sleep but when I moved it to have a look it made this godawful crackling noise and I realised my ear had bled and then scabbed onto my arm. Gross!

I got up and had a closer look at my right ear- the one that had the lobe reconstructed as well, and it was NOT happy jan. I could see the tiny fine point sticking out of the bandages and the sutures were crusted in blood. I decided, as much as I didn’t want to, I had to go down and see my piercer to clean them.

Showering was hilarious- luckily, I have had practise with making makeshift showercaps from plastic bags- though it doesn’t make me look any less like Roger from American Dad! Getting your ears wet while they’re bandaged up during healing is a massive no no- unless you plan on taking the bandages off right away. I’m definitely annoyed that I won’t be able to wash my hair for a few weeks- apparently Chlorane (this awesome spray on Dry Shampoo) is going to be my best friend!

I arrived at Modify, where my friend who got the implant was a little worse for wear- she’s also keeping a journal of her healing journey- we plan on swapping our stories at the end of all this as she is looking towards an ear pointing and I really want my implants next year!

It was the last day Lukas and his wonderful family was in Adelaide too- so with a heavy heart and many air kisses- the whole shop farewelled the amazing trio! We were truly lucky to have been able to experience their work- though everyone looked a little battered! Suzanne (the head piercer) had a chin scar, I had my ears all bandaged up and Mandy had her bruised swollen chest- we were hardcore!

After much putting off and umming and arring I finally agreed to come in and get Suzanne to take off my bandages and give them a clean- they were only a day old but very crusted with the blood from after procedure and the on and off bleeding I was told to expect through the following days. I didn’t think the cleaning was going to be pleasant, but I had NO idea of the pain I was about to go through.

Suzanne used a little H2Ocean spray to try and soak the bandages a bit- they were really well crusted on with my blood and used a pair of scissors to snip the bandages on the back of my ear. Needless to say, it fucking HURT. My friend Harmony who is the apprentice at the shop came in to hold my hands while Suzanne did her best to slowly and gently remove the Hyperfix from off my fresh sutures. An hour and many tears later, I was shakily admiring my ears- I hadn’t seen them not covered in blood and bandages yet and instantly decided they were worth every second of the pain!

Suzanne re-bandaged them, this time with gauze over the sutures to prevent that agony happening again. After the initial “OUCH” wore off my ears actually felt a lot more comfortable than they had been- I didn’t even have to take painkillers that night to sleep.

Tear streaked face + red red ears- pOst cleaning and NOT happy D:

The right ear wiith the sewn up earlObe- all bloody and crusty- mnyyeeehh~!

Can't wait til they heal~!
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Dec. 7th, 2009 @ 07:53 pm Day One of Healing
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Fuck the Pain Away- Peaches

Day One ov Healing- 3rd ov December 2009

I woke up after a broken night of sleep- I can recall every moment I woke up and altered my position. Luckily I put a towel over my pillow, as I bled a little in the night. I felt as though I had been beaten in the head with a truck, but at the same time strangely rested.

I had a look at my ears in my mirror- they were swollen, angry, bruised and bloody- not a pretty sight. But I could see the delicate pointy tips poking out and resolved that they were definitely worth the hell on earth I was going to be going through!

I had some juice leftover from the day before, sO I drank that and ate some breakfast to take some painkillers- I had some Day Strength Mersyndol which is the strongest over the counter painkiller you can get in South Australia (along with Panafen Plus- which made me drowsy so I was saving that for at night!)

More than anything, my ears didn’t hurt so much as behind them. If anyone asked me what the pain was like, it was IDENTICAL to when you leave a tight pair of sunglasses on or a headband and you get that wierd pressure ache behind your ears. It was very odd, but nothing like what I had expected. Again, it was unpleasant but it was almost tolerable with the painkillers. Prior to the procedure I wasn’t actually worried about the procedure, more the pain that I will be in afterwards- but I can see now I didn’t have much to worry about! More than anything it was an inconvienience.

I headed into town to visit my piercer to have my ears cleaned as I was much too worried that if I touched them, I would hurt myself! She was really impressed with how they look- even though they were rather gory and sad! She wasn’t going to remove the bandages right away and instead, cleaned the dried blood away.

I was headachy and tired all day- but it didn’t put a dampener on spirits when we all watched a fellow co-worker get an implant in her chest by Lukas- fascinating stuff!

Again, for sleep that night, I slept in my home made V-pillow but I discovered that even putting just one hand behind your head is enough to keep it sufficiently supported. I bled a little more in the night than the night before but I was a little more comfy and accustomed to sleeping with the ears- though I’m exhausted today!

The fiirst pikk ov my bandaged ear- yoU can see the pretty leetle ear tip poking out the top! And my stitched up ear tear- OWCH!

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Dec. 6th, 2009 @ 08:21 pm Surgical Ear Pointing by Lukas Zpira
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The 2nd of December 2009

The Day of the Procedure

Strangely enough, though the night before was filled with a few butterflies and wrung hands- I woke up on Wednesday with a wierd sense of calmness and confidence. This was not what I had expected! I managed to head in early to the studio I was to be getting the procedure done in- my close friend’s piercing shop, Modify- and had a quick chat to her about anything I may need for before and after the procedure. I was lucky enough to meet Lukas Zpira, Satomi and Maylisse the day before and have a discussion about what needs to be done- I was even luckier when he told me he’d fix my torn lobe as well!

I was told to stock up on Apple Juice (cloudy not reconstituted- natural fruit sugars > reconstituted added sugars) and some lollies for after the procedure in case I felt faint- I also chowed down on a burger to settle my tummy.
The time had come for me to come sit down and grin and bear it, so I headed back to the shop for what I see as the first day of the rest of my life :D
As I was more than happy to have some friends and fellow modifiers present at the procedure, I had more than enough people to chat away to while I was prepped. This involved Lukas having a good close look at my ear, marking where the cuts were to go, cleaning my ear and then re-marking.

At this point, if this were say a piercing or a tattoo, I would have been full of butterflies and nerves but I was actually incredibly calm- I wasn’t afraid in the slightest which I think helped everything along a lot better. I had to tie my hair up along with my sidelocks and I had some masking tape applied around my ears, behind on my undercut and a little on my face. Satomi was apologetic as she was sticking it down but she told me that getting hair in the open wound would definitely cause discomfort and infection.
She also rolled up some tissue into little ear plugs for me to put in my ears to avoid blood running down into them. I looked like a total doofus but I didn’t care- I was super stoked that it was finally happening!

I was told to lay back on the bench (it wasn’t completely laid back- kind of reclined so that Lukas had better access to my ears. If I were sitting on that thing in any other circumstance, I daresay I probably would have nodded off- it was sO comfy!) Lukas began to put anasthetic lotion on my ears. I was watching the faces of my friends who were in the room and the sheer incredulation on their faces was enough to make me laugh!
The cream was amazing- I couldn’t feel much at all! As I couldn’t actually see what was going on, I cannot say what exactly happened in the procedure- but I do know that he had cut my ears several times to create a taper, rather than take a giant chunk out straight away.

Before I knew it, he was suturing up my ear and starting work on my right one- the one with the munted earlobe I tore when I was too young and made a real stupid stretch. This one was a little tougher and I had to put a little more cream on before he could continue- apparently the cartilage was a little thicker in this ear than the other one.

He powered through the suturing before putting some cream on my poor lame lobe and before I knew it I heard the flimsy “snap” of my lobe being cut. The skinny sliver of skin flapped down and smacked me in the neck and started bleeding- I was SO grossed out I actually yelled! Lukas quickly got rid of it and sutured my lobe up- before I knew it, the procedure was done- I was finally an elf!

The beautiful Satomi busied herself with cleaning up my blood- which apparently there was a lot of~! She helped ease off the masking tape without tearing my hair out and commented on how amazing the ears looked- definitely a compliment cOming from someone like her~!

I sat up and got a first look at my new ears- they looked INCREDIBLE- I felt so happy, sO whole~! Lukas ran me through the recommended aftercare procedure (simply washes with antibacterial soap, change the medical suture tape everytime yoU wash and come back in 2 weeks time to have the sutures removed. You could also massage them with some scar deterring oils such as Emu and Jojoba once the sutures were gone and the ears were healed to enhance healthy tissue. I was surprised- I thought they would be way more finicky!) before taping my ears up with some Hyperfix tape.

I was warned that the anaesthesia only takes a few hours before it wears off, so I went and stocked up on some Panafen and Mersyndol- both codeine enhanced painkillers. I also bought some Nurofen to take in between to keep the swelling at a minimum. Lukas also advised me that once the anaesthesia wears off, as its a cardio constriction based lotion, my ears may start bleeding again so he gave me some gauze to carry around :D

I had some juice and ate some lollies and when I was sure I was feeling 100% okaii, I left the shop to go home and tell everyone about what had happened :D
I was on the moon- sO very stoked with my new ears and the lack of pain- but I really wasn’t prepared for the night ahead of me!

I had my ears done at around 5pm- it was Midnight before the anaesthesia wore off, which was first signalled by my earlobe THROBBING so heavily I thought I may be able to feel heat if I were to put my hand near it! It wasn’t unbearable, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant, sO I popped a few painkillers and waited for them to kick in.

I didn’t get to sleep til about 5am that “night”- I just couldn’t sleep with the pain and the nervousness of sleeping with freshly cut open ears. Naturally, you cannot sleep on your sides while healing your ears or you’ll be in a whole world of pain- and unfortunately for me, I’m a natural side-fetus-position sleeper. Prior to going to bed, I laid down on my bed to figure out a way to best sleep without compromising my ears and came up with a few tricks.

I have three pillows on my bed, so I put two at an angle to resemble a V and my third pillow on the top point of the V to create this pillow barrier to stop me from rolling around in the night. I also found that if I put both my hands behind my head (like you would if you were laying in a hammock or something :P) I can feel comfortable without my ears touching the pillow and making that dreadful “sutures scraping on cotton” sound. I also found that I could lie face down into the bed too- but I am a very strange person and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person I know who is comfortable to do that- its how I lost my bridge piercing! Haha!
After much faffing around, I couldn’t keep my eyes open much longer and finally fell into bed.

A photo of during the surgery- just before my lobe was sewn up~!
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Dec. 5th, 2009 @ 10:48 pm Story ov an Elf~!
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
In a nutshell, I recently underwent a procedure to surgically point my ears to resemble that ov an elf (or mOst fae kreechas thereov >:D)

In the few days leading up the procedure, I was aghaast to fiind the sheer lack ov stories ov experiences, healiing and aftercare with this modification and resolved to solve that~!

The following entries will detail the procedure I went through and the healing process in the weeks following- with plenty of pictures of course~!

If you have any questions, I am mOre thaan happy to answer- but please take any ignorance or close mindedness elsewhere- that shit isn't tolerated here :)

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